How to Hire iOS Developers?

When you have an app idea and are ready to develop it, you will more than likely need some professional help. This is where an app developer will come to the rescue. App developers are trained professionals that specialize in the creation, development, and maintenance of an app. Now, what if you want a developer that will build your app specifically for Apple iOS devices?

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Tip #1: Look for the A+ Rated Developers

When you decide to hire a contractor to build your dream home, will you just pick the first contractor you happen to see online? Probably not. Just like a new home, your app idea needs to be in capable hands, so it can be brought to life. You need to find a reputable development firm that has proven to be effective and efficient. Check out reviews online for app developers in your area. Then, contact some of the top-rated developers that offer Apple iOS app development. Check examples of their completed projects. Once you have a good idea of their background, you can make a more informed decision on which app developer to hire.

Tip #2: App Developers Experience

More specifically, developers can specialize in certain platforms, such as Android or Apple iOS. So, when talking with your shortlisted app development companies that you are considering for your app’s development, ask about the experience of  iOS developers that will be working on your project (assuming you hire them). Finding and hiring the best app developers that specialize in the Apple iOS platform should be your top priority. After all, you wouldn’t want a developer fumbling through Apple’s guidelines and coding when developing your app. You want someone who knows what they are doing and will get it right the first time; saving money, time, and headaches!

Tip #3: Determine Timeline and Budget

As you begin to narrow down your choices for an app developer, talk with your top picks about timelines budgets and proposal. The proposals will outline the process that will take place when developing your app for  Apple iOS platform, including a rough timeline and budget. With these crucial final pieces of information, you can decide on which app developer to hire for your app development project.

Why Gomeeki?

Gomeeki has been developing iPhone and iPad applications for Apple’s iOS platform since the launch of the iPhone back in 2008. In fact, we released one of the very first iPhone applications in the market for our customer the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), working closely with Apple for the product launch. This application has gone on to support millions of downloads over the course of the next few years, being one of the most popular iPhone applications still in the market today. Working with our team of app developers is the best decision you can make.

Why not see what our customers are saying about us and how we approach your project:

“Smartphones and tablets are transforming how and where we consume news and information. The ABC must meet the challenge of delivering content to the audience at a time they want and on the device and format they prefer.”

Mark ScottManaging Director, ABC

The Broncos evaluated numerous Fan Engagement solutions over recent years and Gomeeki's passionate & experienced team, combined with their innovative FanTribe platform was the only solution that we believe will deliver a winning mobile experience for our fans.

Terry ReaderChief Commercial Officer, Brisbane Broncos NRL

“Health Partners selected Gomeeki on the basis that the services provided are far more than just an app development house. The relationship to date has delivered Health Partners the benefit of a much deeper insight into digital strategy, the power of Gomeeki’s Ubiquity platform and a disciplined, structured development process. As a customer, we have been delighted with the quality and outcomes to date.

Colin LangmeadCIO- Health Partners

If you would like to know more about Gomeeki and our team of certified Apple iOS app developers, please feel free to contact us. We are standing by and ready to join you on your app development quest!


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