14 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Mobile apps are growing in popularity because of their ease of use and efficiency. Instead of waiting until you are in front of your computer to place an order for food, you probably prefer using a mobile app that is right there in your hands. Apps are improving and “up-ing” their standards on a regular basis. So, it is difficult to keep up with the latest app development trends. 

Here are 14 app development trends to watch out for in 2019:

Trend #1: Simplification

When it comes to apps, users like to keep it simple. It takes more time than most users prefer to spend when figuring out a complicated app than a simple one. App users want to conduct their business in your app in 3-4 moves. So, keep your app simple!

Trend #2: Better Security

Hackers are always going to be doing what they do best: Stealing your personal information for their financial benefit. App users know the risk of putting their information into your app’s server to be stored. In the coming year, providing users with a highly-secure app experience will go a long way in their eyes. Make sure they know the steps you are taking to protect their information. Be transparent and build trust-based relationships with your users.

Trend #3: Electronic Payments

If you think of an electronic payment, you probably think of making purchases online and using a credit/debit card to pay for your purchases. In 2019, the popularity of electronic, or cashless, payments will continue to grow in not only online purchasing but in-store purchasing as well. Apple Pay and Android Pay are two platforms that offer cashless payment options for customers to use at stores that accept those platforms. One swipe/scan of your payment app at the store, and you are good to go! So, if your app is one that utilizes purchasing, keep in mind the popular electronic payment methods you can incorporate into your app.

Trend #4: Gestures

If you walk into a cell phone store, you will notice that the variety of phones that have actual buttons on them is dwindling. Most of the latest cell phones have a screen with no buttons (aside from the power and volume buttons on the sides of the phone). Instead, you operate the phone by pressing on buttons found on the screen once powered on. From a full-size keyboard to a number keypad, all you will need to operate your cell phone can be done through the virtual keys on your phone’s screen. As the phones advance in design and capability, the need (and space) for buttons decrease. So, using gestures instead of physical buttons is most definitely a trend that mobile app developers need to consider and accommodate for in the coming year.

Trend #5: Full-Screen Usage

One other thing you may notice in today’s cell phone store is the screen size of most tablets and cell phones. Screen sizes are getting bigger and bigger as each company produces a new model. Models such as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the Apple iPhone 9 Plus have the largest screen size compared to earlier models. This is all because users want to utilize every centimeter of their screens. Full-screen usage is a trend that has been holding strong for the past couple of years, and we don’t predict it dissipating any time soon. App developers need to keep this in mind when programming an app’s adaptability to different screen sizes.

Trend #6: Colors

With the advancement of high-resolution technology, colors have become the focus of a device’s appeal. People are naturally drawn to bright, radiant colors. So, in an effort to tap into that “primal addiction,” mobile device manufacturers are expanding the color range on their devices. As long as the majority of people remain partial to colors, you can count on this trend staying strong. App developers should push to accommodate an extensive range of colors if they hope to attract and keep users.

Trend #7: Videos

One of the biggest trends on apps and social media this year has been the use of videos. From live videos to 360-degree videos, you are bound to come across them as you check your Facebook news feed (for example). Next year, this trend will only continue to grow as more and more companies/individuals utilize them to gain new followers. Those in the app development field should keep this in mind in 2019 and incorporate a variety of video types into their apps.

Trend #8: Content Quality

Have you ever used an app that promised genuine, extensive information (like a news app), but then provided content that was skimpy on details? Letting users down by promising great content quality and then delivering sub-par quality gives users a feeling of frustration and anger. This is not the type of feeling app developers and app users want in their relationships! Content quality is considered an app development trend because users don’t want to waste their time with apps that aren’t delivering the content as promised. Being mindful of your app’s content quality and listening to your users’ feedback/comments is always the best course of action.

Trend #9: Emotional Intelligence

Before emoticons, emojis, and animojis, there was a feeling of frustration among users. That frustration was due to not being able to express emotions in text messages, emails, online forums, etc. A simple “I’m sorry” could have been perceived as genuine or sarcastic depending upon the reader’s mood. Emotional intelligence is an app development trend that has skyrocketed in popularity in the past decade. So, in 2019, app developers should expand their apps to include a range of emotional intelligence conveyors (such as a wide variety of emojis) if they intend to stay ahead of the game.

Trend #10: Augmented Reality

In 2019, app development will almost certainly see an influx of augmented reality (AR) demand from users. AR technology isn’t a new idea, but it is gaining strength among app users.  Allowing users to blend their real-life environment with your app is an excellent way to ensure their interest and loyalty in the coming year (and beyond!).

Trend #11: More Customization

For the most part, people love to customize. Whether it is programming presets on your car’s radio or setting a ringtone on your phone, you are customizing. Customization can help save time in the future and gives users control over their devices. As we journey into a new year, we will find that those apps which allow beyond basic customization will gain loyal users more quickly than those apps that only allow the bare minimum of customization options. Giving your users the opportunity to take your app and essentially make it their own will help build a lasting relationship between your app and its users.

Trend #12: Conversational Design

Take a look at an app currently on your mobile device. Note how you, as the user, are able to contact the app’s administrator/customer service team. Is it by email, phone, chat? Or maybe all 3? A trend we will see in 2019 is the use of conversational types of contact. Mostly, this will be in the form of chatbots and chat dialogs. App users want to know that they are able to get assistance 24/7, even if it is just an automated system that is responding to their inquiries in a chat box (like during holidays when live representatives are hard to come by).

Trend #13: Smart Gear

Smartwatches, smart homes, smart cars – all of these are versions of smart technology, meaning they are able to be programmed and operate independently or with little effort after the initial set-up. We are constantly on the move and our pace of life is rapid. So, we look for ways to make our day-to-day routines more efficient. It isn’t surprising that smart technology is a trend that is expected to soar in 2019. As app developers, you need to incorporate smart technology and its corresponding devices into your apps if you want to remain relevant in the next year.

Trend #14: Cloud-Based Technology

Mobile device memory capacity is a hot topic right now. Concerning devices that don’t offer expandable memory options (like SD cards), it has been a hot topic for years. App developers are constantly running into the problem of losing users due to the amount of memory their apps use. If more memory is needed, users are more likely to delete an app that isn’t used often from their devices over last year’s vacation pictures. Cloud-based technology virtually solves the memory capacity issue. Instead of having to delete anything, users are able to upload and back up files, pictures, etc. from their devices into cloud accounts. App developers need to consider offering apps that are cloud-based. This way users aren’t put in the position of choosing your app over other apps or files when needing to free up memory on their devices. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Although trends are always subject to change, these are 14 app development trends we predict will gain speed in 2019. Keep an eye out for these trends and get ahead of your competition by incorporating them into your app development process.

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