Mobile Loyalty Platform Benefits

On average a consumer will reach for their mobile device over 80 times a day. Connect with your customers when it matters to boost lifetime customer value and profits.

Cost Effective

Cost effectively increase retention and grow revenues.

Reward Customers

Identify and reward your most valuable customers.

Stand Out

Stand out from the competition.


Existing business systems

Gomeeki Loyalty is an advanced digital loyalty solution that places your customers at the heart of your business. Choose the program features you want, or explore with our digital strategists the best solution to be employed for success.

Brandable mobile apps

Fully Brandable Mobile Apps

Our rich mobile apps can be personalised for your brand.

Customer Identity Management - Social Profiles

Customer Identity Management

Easily add identity management to your programs for increased convenience, and gaining a deeper understanding of your customers likes, preferences and rich first party identity data such as location, DOB and emails.

Mobile wallets app brisbane

Mobile Wallets

Make paying for your products and services more convenient with mobile wallets. Hook your loyalty points management up with mobile wallets to incentivise purchases and reward behaviour.

Plastic loyalty cards

Loyalty Cards

Plastic loyalty cards are expensive for businesses to manage and cumbersome for consumers to carry around. Create a smarter loyalty program that is focused on growing relationships, not just transactions and track every customer engagement with your business.

Push Notifications Deep Link Feature


Boost engagement and win the mobile moments that matter with personalised mobile messaging using Push Notifications.

special offer coupons


Drive footfall or online store traffic with special offer coupons that close the loop of your marketing investment. Unique coupons codes can be delivered (and redeemed) in-app, via email or SMS.

Gamification App


Make your engagement more fun and differentiate your brand with leaderboard, status ranks or allow customers to earn points for completing tasks such as checking into your outlets.

Mobile analytics app

Mobile Analytics

Get insight into your customers and the campaigns that are delivering the most value to the business. Track real-time downloads, activity and customer profile insights to take the guesswork out of your business.

Open Architecture Brisbane

Open Architecture

Easily connect Point of Sales and other existing business systems to Ubiquity Loyalty.

Real time API

Real Time API

Build seamless experiences on-top of our reliable API and deliver real-time, user-level data to any business system in your technology stack.

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Sports Clubs


See how the Brisbane Broncos use Gomeekiā€™s advanced Mobile Loyalty Platform.

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