5 ways to make your mobile engagement great in 2018

So you have built a mobile app for your business? Great! But that’s just the beginning of the journey. Have you a given a detailed thought about Mobile engagement?

Think about Mobile engagement.

A great mobile user experience is like having a cold beer after a hot day at work. You love the taste of the beer, the refreshing feeling you get from the coldness of the liquid rushing down your throat, and you know that having a cold beer is something you will be doing each time you get off work. Over time, it becomes a casual part of your day, and you look to a chilled glass of beer for refreshment at least once most days. An engaging app works this way too, and a user that finds an app engaging unconsciously finds himself using it regularly.

On the flip side, using the same analogy, an app that a user does not find engaging can be compared to a warm glass of beer after a hot day at work. It does not suit your needs and you have no interest in consuming it at that moment. If the bar only offers you this warm glass of beer every day, over time you lose interest and stop going there. The same way, if you have an app on your phone for a long time and you discover that you hardly actually use the app, you might decide to delete it off your mobile.

It is left to you to make sure that you create engaging activities within your app that keeps users coming back to it as regularly as possible. At Gomeeki, we have identified steps that need to be taken to ensure that your mobile engagement is superb. If followed religiously, these steps will help your app shoot up in relevance this year

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a powerful tool for ‘in the moment’ customer engagement. A vast majority of your audience is constantly connected to their phones and it is easy to reach them this way. Going by the changes and technological advancements witnessed in the past year, predictions have been made and it is believed that soon, about two-thirds of the world’s entire population will own mobile phones. While 2017 marks 25 years since the first SMS was sent by Vodafone in the UK, given its ubiquitous nature, there has been a marked increase in the use of texts for communication amongst people in recent times and this has led to the belief that SMS texts will continue to prove to be the most effective method of mobile communications.

One to watch (RCS Messaging): While still likely a couple of years away before it becomes mainstream, a new protocol in messaging is starting to gain traction. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the next generation messaging protocol currently available for select Android devices. While already well supported in other regions around the world, today it is only supported by Telstra in Australia. We will post more about this in a future blog, given its potential to change the messaging landscape.

Adoption of Rewards and Incentives

Rewards and incentives are another great way to increase your mobile engagement in the coming year. It is human nature that people are drawn to the idea of getting gifts and discounts on purchases that they make, and they might be more partial toward an app that readily offers them these bonuses than toward another app that doesn’t. Of course, sometimes the best rewards are not ones that cost a lot of money but might have a high perceived value.

Rewards don’t need to just discount!

Think about how you might be able to design rewarding experiences for your customers that will also then become some of your most effective forms of marketing, turning regular customers or industry influencers into active, engaged advocates for your brand.

Mobile Security and Data Protection

Gaining the trust of consumers is one of the most important enablers of successful engagement. Yet a common reservation that users have with mobile apps is the perceived lack of strong enough security measures guarding them against safety issues such as hacking and data theft. As technology and innovation develop each passing day and people become more reliant on their mobile devices for information storage, mobile app users consequently become that bit more exposed to external attacks on their mobile privacy.

The presence of a microphone, a camera, and a usage history means that modern mobiles contain sensitive information. To increase your mobile engagement, you have to earn the users’ trust by ensuring that your app is fully protected against such attacks and the users have no reason to be uncomfortable about entering their personal information into it.

Today, devices such as the iPhone offer the feature for developers to easily integrate their applications that will dramatically boost the security of your app, with little work. Features such as the Apple Touch ID is available to securely open your app and thereby adding a layer of security and comfort that no-one will be able to gain access to their personal information in your app.

Focus on Speed

The speed of an app is a major selling point and mobile app trends of the coming year are focused on the increased speed of mobile apps. Speed does not mean that the app will be completely perfect, but it is always an added advantage to have core features will be fast and reliable.

Remember, your customers are being trained by the Facebook, Google’s and Uber’s of the world to expect amazing digital experiences. They, therefore, expect this from every brand they engage with and if an app is not fast and dependable, it is only a matter of time before the user abandons it. A speedy and responsive app will become a minimum expectation and a benchmark in the mobile marketing industry pretty soon and it is important to keep up with these trends to sustain high levels of mobile engagement.

Location-based Marketing

An extremely useful tool for mobile marketers and advertisers that would want to run promotions in your mobile app. Location-based marketing allows marketers to receive accurate location information that enables them to target users from specific locations relevant to the products or services that they offer.

Location intelligence also gives the advertisers an idea of the level of impact that their adverts have in specific locations, helping them to concentrate their efforts better on promising locations with more potential for acceptance of their products or services. Location-based marketing promises to be an even bigger feature of mobile marketing trends in the coming year and it is definitely something you should consider for improving your mobile engagement.

At Gomeeki, we can help you stay updated with the latest trends and focus on important new developments to stay ahead of the competition this coming competitive year. Our team of strategists, app developers, and product managers are domain experts on the intricacies of pushing your brand to the top in ‘the new mobile world’ and we recognise the importance of increasing mobile engagement to achieve this.

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