How to Set Up a Great Push Notification Campaign?

You have probably heard people call push notifications “spammy and a nuisance to app users” and the statement is true to some extent, to be honest, but it only applies if you are constantly bombarding your users with irrelevant, impersonal messages.

Like any marketing strategy, you must learn to use push notification in the right way. It is not enough to have the option enabled on your app, because if it is not properly set up, it could prove to be more of a negative influence on users’ perception about the app than a positive one. Any good marketing strategy is only effective when it is valuable to the user that it is intended for, and if this criterion is not met when you’re developing your push campaign, it just ends up becoming a nuisance.

Push Notification Statistics

Statistics have shown that 52% of smartphone users have push notification enabled on their smartphones, and these push notification have the ability to drive up to 88% more app launches. On the flip side, broadcast push messages are a lot less effective, with a meagre 15% conversion rate, while segmented messages have a 54% conversion rate.

What these stats are saying is that the major key to providing value with any marketing strategy – push notifications in this instance – is by running targeted campaigns based on the information that you have on the users’ preferences, attributes and behaviour. What sort of information do you need to make this happen? Pay close attention.

Personalized Push Notification

Audience can be segmented basis their location and a customised campaign can be created. By personalizing the campaign based on location, you can reach the members of your audience in a particular place or region without sending the rest of your customers outreach that’s not relevant to them. Understanding your customer wants and needs, their location makes the push notification more relevant and valuable to the people receiving them.

Push Notification Segmentation

As suggested earlier, it is important that you do not focus only on pushing broadcast messages to your users, as they will become disillusioned with your app in no time.

Create a target audience by segmenting your users into categories – by sex, age, clubs supported (for sports apps) and other similar categories – and disseminating information relevant to each category separately.

Example: On a sports app, for example, not every sports fan is a baseball fan, so if you constantly send baseball broadcast messages to users that only subscribed for football, you can imagine the discomfort you will be causing. Segmenting your audience helps you to avoid this, so that you are able to decide what messages are relevant to each category of users.

Tracking Reports

There is no real way to know if your push notification campaign is effective if you fail to keep track of its progress. You should track all the standard metrics such as impressions, conversion rate and click-through rate. Over time, the factor that should be most important to you is the ROI.

If you fail to keep track of records, there will be situations where you may feel like no progress is being made, causing you to consider giving up, when really, your projections are false and misguided due to a lack of proper information. Immediate results may not come, but if you constantly keep track of progress, you will notice all the little positive hikes, and you will know what and where to improve.

Apart from the ROI, the most important thing to look out for is lifetime user value (LTV), as it is the definitive metric for getting a broader view of your app’s long term success and improvement. The more the LTV increases, the more successful the app.

Why Gomeeki?

Gomeeki has, over the years, implemented leading push notification solutions, and we have partnered successfully with clients in various niches, including automotive, retail, sports clubs, financial organizations, insurance companies and publishers.

Our push notification solutions are tailored toward maximum effectiveness, and we look to increase your sales and conversion rate to the highest level by creating deep links that take your users straight to the information they need, without the need to click extra links containing information that may be irrelevant to them at that time.

At Gomeeki, we have created award winning mobile solutions for many leading brands, and our customers love us because our support team are expert communications engineers who always go the extra mile. Reach out to us today to get a quote and discuss how we can help you create the most effective push notification campaign for your brand.


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