Three Simple Steps to Marketing Your Mobile App 

Great, that is the beginning of a successful mobile app – the difficult part is the execution and mobile marketing. Companies that understand the app development lifecycle have a greater chance of achieving their Mobile Marketing goals by generating more downloads, engagement, and profits.

But Mobile Marketing is an increasingly crowded marketplace and standing out is a challenge

  • Number of available apps in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 3.5 million apps in December 2017
  • Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 2.2 million available apps.

If you have no idea about how you are supposed to go about Mobile Marketing. Today we will briefly look through Three great methods by which you can market your mobile app to keep it relevant in the market.

Social Media

This is obvious, really. Practically any and every form of advertising nowadays goes through the social media. The number of people that use smartphones is increasing every day and as a result, a strong online presence is a major necessity for businesses that are trying to reach as many people as possible – and mobile app marketers are not exempted. There are two possible approaches to marketing through the social media: Organic marketing or Paid marketing.

Organic marketing means that you slowly try to build your online presence through regular customer relations and subtle promotion. Try to connect with your audience and put up posts about things that they actually care about. A more ‘aggressive’ and possibly quicker method is paid marketing. You can pay for sponsored ads on major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and your message would reach a large audience more quickly than with organic marketing.

Make your app ‘buzz-worthy’

This is another situation where we can come in. Your app shouldn’t just be all talk, it has to be actually good and useful for your target market. Make sure that the app you build is worth its weight in gold and it doesn’t suck. Competition is fierce and users will dump an app that sucks in no time. Our team of professionals at Gomeeki can help you upgrade your existing App with awesome features to help you win. From Native Push Notifications, Customer Identity Management, CRM and more. Finally you can have a unified view of engagement, with the insight to take action

App Store Optimization

When you’re building your app, you should consider things that would make it easy to find and access the store that you plan to place it on. Information such as the app name, keywords relating to what it offers, app description, screenshots and/or video is important in mobile marketing as these are the things that users see first before they download and run the app.  

There are other ways by which you can market your app, and a first step in the right direction would be to contact a company that has all the information you need. Gomeeki is dedicated to helping you to get the best out of your business with Mobile marketing, mobile app creation, and optimization.               

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