How to Increase Customer Mobile App Spending?

Creating an app requires time, effort, and money. As a business person, you want to eventually make a profit from the app you are spending thousands of dollars to create. For this reason, it is common knowledge that every app owner wants to make money from their app. Whether it is money coming directly to you, your company, or a charity, it is still some sort of revenue. There are many ways to increase your app’s revenue based upon your app type and target audiences.

#1 – Customer Loyalty Program

All customer loyalty programs have a common goal: Increase the number of repeat users. You want your customers to use your app on a regular basis; becoming a part of their daily routines. Customer loyalty programs, such as reward points that can be redeemed for free merchandise or discounts, are perfect for increasing customer loyalty and mobile app spending. Reward your loyal customers by giving them special discounts on in-app purchases. Offer double reward points on their first in-app purchase. These are just two of the many ways you can increase your customer’s mobile app spending activity.

#2 – Customer Behavior

If you want to get ahead in the mobile app spending competition, you need to see where your customers are spending the majority of their time while using your app. Monitoring their behavior will give you a sense of what areas you can target and use to your advantage. For example, you may have a user that searches for a particular item in your app to purchase, but never completes the purchase. That customer may have second thoughts about the price, or the product may not be exactly what the user is looking for. Either way, a purchase isn’t made. So, send advertisements or push notifications that specifically pertain to this user’s interests (using the user’s search history as a guide). Knowing what your customers want out of your app but aren’t getting is the first step to correcting the problem. Once the problem is fixed, your chances of future app spending by the user soar.

#3 – Feedback

Encouraging feedback from users is always a positive element to incorporate into your app. All users want to voice their concerns or praises about the app. Many users will offer suggestions for future updates to the app. These updates may include advanced features, different products to purchase, or a loyalty program incentive. Taking your users’ feedback and developing updates for your app to accommodate some suggestions will show your users that you are listening and respect their opinions. When their suggestions are heard and made into reality, they are ten times more likely to invest in your app through in-app spending!

#4 – Branding

Branding is so important for mobile apps and should never be taken lightly. Developing a brand and name that customers know they can trust, with regards to quality and security, is a key component to increasing mobile app spending. You need to show your customers that your app’s security is top-notch by providing security features, such as fingerprint scanning or multi-step passwords. You can also prove your credibility by posting reviews from other customers (good and bad). Being transparent and becoming a trusted brand in your physical and online communities will pay off in the long run. It may take time, but having customers know yours is a trusted brand is a reward worth working towards.

#5 – Promote

Promoting your app before, during, and after launch is essential when increasing your in-app spending. If you have an ad (and direct link) on your website showcasing your company’s free mobile app, you will get many more users than you would without the ad. In the same way, social media platforms can be powerful marketing venues. Posting ads or incentives for downloading your app on social media increase the number of downloads, which will (hopefully) increase customer mobile app spending. Whether it is on paper, billboards, websites, or social media, promote your app to any and all users you can!

#6 – Push Notifications

Push notifications can be your app’s greatest ally or its worst enemy. They can be extremely useful when notifying users of events, sales, etc., which in turn, increase app spending. However, if they aren’t used properly and end up annoying your users, push notifications become your app’s downfall. Learn when to use push notifications and what to say in them. Do your research on what push notifications appeal to your target audiences and how frequently you should send them out. You can also run beta tests with a small group of your users to determine what sentence structure/format receives more clicks, as well as what time of day the notifications receive the most hits. Take into account users’ product preferences, location (geographically), and feedback when developing your push notifications. Again, if used properly, push notifications can increase your mobile app spending exponentially.

#7 – Mix Strategies

Don’t be afraid to mix up your approaches to increasing mobile app spending. Not all apps and their target audiences are best suited for customer loyalty programs. For those, push notifications may be the best fit. There is no shame in trying a strategy out and finding it doesn’t work for your app and your users. Switch it out for a different strategy and keep trying until your find the one that works the best for you. The worst thing you can do is give up when one or two strategies don’t work. Running a successful mobile app isn’t easy and is ever changing. Keep trying until your app is deemed a success!

While none of these are a guarantee of success, they are the strategies that tend to work the best for apps wanting to increase customer mobile app spending. Don’t know which one to start with? Seek the advice of people who know their way around the app market. Giving your app its best chance at success must include the input of others who are experts in their fields. When you have the right app team assembled for your app’s development, launch, and maintenance, you will be ready to market your app and see the revenue begin pouring in.

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