6 Reasons Why Retailers Needs Mobile App

It doesn’t matter what line of retail you are into, one of the important things that you want to make sure is that consumers fall in love with your product and continue to do so, particularly in these rapidly changing times.  Even if you already put up great sales numbers and you provide great customer service, something might still be missing, as there is always room for progress.

Retailers App

Mobile apps for retailers have consistently increased in importance over a long period now, and customers are loving them. However, when it comes down to it, how exactly will a mobile app help you to improve your retail business? How is it going to be a game changer for you? How is it going to help you get more loyal customers? How to choose top retail app developer?.  For the purpose of this article, we will address the reasons why you need a mobile app in seven brief points.

It is fun!

If your retail store owns a mobile app, it helps you to increase customer interaction. There are examples of retail stores that give customers incentives and rewards for using their mobile apps, offering discounts on items purchased or even running contests that come with prizes. It’s a positive experience for the customer and encourages them to shop with your store more regularly, as they become excited by the options available to the, and/or their chances of winning freebies and discounts.

Keeping up with the competition

As suggested earlier, mobile apps have been around for a while now, and we mentioned that retail stores take advantage of them to build their brand. Basically, there are tons of other stores out there building on the same idea, and it is important that you keep up so that you don’t get left behind. Less customers will want to shop with you when a lot of stores around them offer better, broader services. Get with the times!


It’s a lot easier to browse through a store with your fingers than it is to walk or drive the distance to a physical store, isn’t it? That’s the idea behind using mobile apps for convenience. Take for another example, a customer wants to purchase a product that just happens to be out of stock, but he doesn’t know this, so he drives the whole way to the store only to get disappointed. This situation could have been avoided if the store had a mobile app, as a few swipes through it would’ve shown the customer that the product is out of stock, and he would not have been inconvenienced by making the trip to the physical store.

Loyalty rewards

Mobile apps make it easier for you to reward your most valuable customers through the use of options such as coupons and online discounts. These are options that you can make exclusive to your app and while you would be improving consumer engagement, you would also be rewarding your customers.

Customer Satisfaction

It is human nature to be curious about what other people think, and mobile apps make this easier in relation to shopping at retail stores. People can look through customer reviews for an item before they purchase it, and the information they get from these reviews will increase the chances that they will purchase an item that they would actually be satisfied with.

Customer Engagement

This is linked with practically all the other Six reasons. It is also probably the most important reason, because a higher customer engagement usually leads to a higher amount of interest in your products and services, which consequently leads to a marked increase in sales. Improving your customer engagement will also help you to get more loyal customers that will have a preference for purchasing items from your retail store only.

Why Gomeeki?

At Gomeeki, we have the leading mobile solutions for your retail store. We can even help you to create a virtual shopping experience that increases dwell time, removes friction from the shopping process and grows average basket spend. Mobile apps are getting more popular at retail stores, but we can still make you an innovator in your niche with a unique approach to delivering a more exciting and enjoyable shopping experience with your app. We pride ourselves in the superb work that we have done for top clients in the past, and we hope that we can add your success story to this growing list. Talk to our sales department today, and we can get started.

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