7 Sports Marketing Strategies You Need to Know For 2019

Sports marketing strategies are growing and developing by the week. With new ways of marketing your brand, team, and products evolving so quickly, it can be difficult to keep up. So, we have compiled a list of the top 7 sports marketing strategies you need to know for 2019:

Strategy #1: Internet Equals Television

In the past, fans and supporters would view games and advertisements (i.e. commercial breaks) on a television. Now, with live streaming capabilities, mobile viewing has become the convenient and preferred way to view sports events. So, if you want to stay in the game (pun intended), then be sure your events and ads are presented in ways that can be viewed by mobile viewers using the internet as their method of connection.

Strategy #2: Smart Speakers

It is fairly obvious by the number of ads in today’s market that smart speakers, such as Amazon’s Alexa, are gaining steam in popularity. But, what does this mean for sports? When you are a team manager, owner, sponsor, merchandise distributor, etc. you need to reach as many fans as possible to increase your chances of successful marketing. You can now expand your marketing plan to include smart speaker format for ads, game coverage, and so on. Now, you have a whole new way of reaching fans that you couldn’t have dreamed of a decade ago.

Strategy #3: Live Video

Another trend that is gaining speed is live video coverage. Whether it is on YouTube or Facebook, live video feeds are growing exponentially in popularity. For sports marketers, this means there is a new and highly effective method of relaying information, updates, product details, and so much more to fans across the world. Find a spokesperson for your team, brand or merchandise store that will be appealing to live video viewers (likability is a must!). Then, let that spokesperson take your sport(s) to the next level by adding a phenomenal online following!

Strategy #4: Classic Video

As an active online user, you can choose to view videos on topics you choose and on your choice of platform (YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) at any time. Sports marketers need to remember that classic video advertisements, online and through television networks, are relevant and can give you the boost you need to be successful. If you are already using video marketing as part of your marketing plan, add more video ads for your 2019 plan. In today’s digital world, videos are essential to not only sports, but any field where marketing is crucial.

Strategy #5: Social Media

Integrating social media ads into your 2019 fan engagement plan is an absolute must if you want to reach a record-setting success rate. Find out what ads appeal the most to your fans (click ads, video ads, mini-game ads, etc.) by doing trial-and-error tests. Once you know what type of ads are the most successful on each social media platform, you are ready to begin an explosive marketing campaign that will build your fan and customer base at an extraordinary rate.


Strategy #6: Targeting

Targeting is a strategy used by marketers in all fields. When you are first beginning a marketing campaign, you tend to cast a wide net by making ads generic in content. Targeting is just the opposite. For your 2019 marketing plan, use targeting by sending advertisements that apply to certain groups of people. For example, let’s say your team is having a special, post-game firework show this weekend. So, you decide to send that bit of news via an advertisement to all your fans, including the ones who live thousands of miles away. This simple act could give those fans that live far away the wrong idea: That you didn’t even bother or cared enough to see where they lived. Instead, send the ad to local fans (like within a 50-mile radius) to increase the likelihood of participation and a positive reception to your ad. Targeting is a powerful marketing strategy that has the potential to boost your team or brand up to the next level of success!

Strategy #7: Influencers

If you turned on your television 20 years ago to watch a sports event, you more than likely saw a commercial for Nike that featured Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan became a part of Nike’s influencer marketing strategy way back in 1984. Then, in 1985, Nike released its first edition “Air Jordan” sneakers. From there, Nike’s influencer partnership with Michael grew, expanded, and became a common association for millions of sports fans across the globe. Influencer marketing is incredibly powerful when used correctly. With that being said, choosing a sports star to partner with in your influencer marketing campaign may seem like a quick and easy way to boost sales. But with today’s digital eyes that are always watching, this marketing strategy can backfire. If you choose to go with this marketing strategy.

Here’s how to get started:

Choose an influencer that will not only represent your team or company positively in the present, but also in the future. In other words, choose a person you can build a lasting relationship with that is amicable and beneficial to both parties.

Choose an influencer that has a “clean” past. The last thing your team or brand needs to be associated with is a sports star with a shady history. Do your research thoroughly and make sure this influencer is the type of person you want representing your brand to the world. We all have a past, but you need to really evaluate if your influencer candidate’s past is forgivable or if it will be detrimental to you and your fans.

Choose an influencer that naturally fits into your team’s or company’s core beliefs. You want someone that will help build your team or company into a better one in the years that follow. Consider someone who will be a positive, reliable member of the “family.”

Bottom line:

In 2019, aspire to be a team, brand, or company that wants to be successful, but also be a positive presence in the lives of your fans and customers. These 7 marketing strategies should help you in your marketing plan development and give you ideas on how to achieve your goals for the coming year.

Remember: The best marketing plan isn’t compiled of 1 or 2 strategies, but rather of many different strategies. The more ways you reach your sports fans, the more likely they are to be loyal, dedicated patrons of your sport. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help your team or brand be a smashing success.


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