5 Methods For Increasing App Engagement & User Retention

So many things can cause an app to fail. If your business app begins to see a decline in app usage/downloads, you will want answers as to why your app is failing. Let’s look at five ways you can ensure engagement and user retention, which will, in turn, make your app a success!


App Engagement


First, make the app easy to use. Everyone has come across an app that looked great in the app store, but once downloaded was awful in its mechanics. For example, you download an app, open it up, and begin the standard account registration process. While most apps ask for, at maximum, 5 pieces of information (name, mailing address, email address, desired username, desired password), this app asks for at least 10 pieces of information (like age, gender, preferences in products, etc.)! You look at what needs to be provided, glance at your watch, and quickly decide it isn’t worth the effort. You delete the app and never think about it again. This is just one of many mistakes businesses make when developing an app…the make the initial effort from the user too time-consuming.

Push Notification

Second, use push notifications…but correctly! There is nothing more annoying than having your phone buzz 5 times a day with push notifications from ONE app. Businesses lose customers and their recommendations when they bombard their customers with unnecessary notifications. Instead, send a notification once a week or maybe when there is an event, like a sale, going on. Let the customers know that you haven’t forgotten about them but do so in an inviting way. You don’t want to be the crazy, annoying cousin who overstays his welcome at the family reunion!


Third, give users the chance to save/personalize preferences within the app. One way to do this is to include their real (or user) names in notifications within the app and in notifications. This gives them the sense of personalization and purpose. Another way to do this is to save information automatically for the users. Think about a shopping app you have used in the past that never remembered your location. This app is the kind that shows products available according to your location. So, having to remember to enter your location every time you log in to that app is going to get old really fast.

Rewards & Loyalty

Fourth, provide your customers with a loyalty program. Give them the opportunity to earn points or rewards each time they order from your app. This will help your app succeed quickly since everyone loves an incentive!

Customer Feedback

Finally, allow users the opportunity for two-way communication; whether it be by email, reviews, or live chats. Ask your customers for feedback! Let them know questions and/or comments are welcome and encouraged. Not only is it informative for you, but it helps to build that bond between you and your customers.

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