8 Ways to Earn & Build Customer Loyalty

Businesses of every size all have one thing in common: Customers. Without customers, a business would cease to exist. The problem businesses face most often is keeping those customers loyal. Customer loyalty is just like earning and building trust with a new friend. You know you want to be a business that customers are proud to patron, but where do you even begin to achieve customer loyalty? Let’s start by looking at 8 ways to earn and build customer loyalty.

#1 – Communicate

In any relationship, professional and personal, communication is essential. So, why should your relationship with your customers be any different? A good place to start is by setting up a database of customer contact information. Then, communicate with all your customers (past, present, and potential) using a variety of methods. Some of the most common forms of business-customer communication include email, SMS messaging, social media, and push notifications. Communicating with your customers about happenings within your business, or just a fun activity they can do to earn discounts/reward points is a good way to become a constant, welcome presence in their lives.

#2 – Perks

Offering extra perks to your most loyal customers is sure to build your list of loyal customers. These customers are the ones who keep your business steady, so reward them! There are so many ways you can do this, but some of the most popular are extra discounts, free merchandise, quicker accrual of reward points, and entries into giveaways. Having a reward system in place for repeat customers ensures your customers will be looking forward to the next time they are in a position to patron your business. We mean, who doesn’t love loyalty perks?!

#3 – Payment Plans

It may seem strange to think that payment plans are associated with customer loyalty, but they are. Some businesses, especially seasonal ones, always face the dilemma of an overflowing amount of income during in-season times and then a slow struggle during off-season times. For example, a football app that gives the option of purchasing merchandise will see an uptick of sales during football season. Once the season ends, sales are likely to bottom out, which leaves the company supplying the merchandise in a lurch. So, the concept of payment plans has been introduced to these seasonal businesses. If customers want to make a large purchase, having a payment plan option is a blessing when on a tight budget. Payment plans are beneficial to the business because it spreads out the income they will get over a period of several months. Additionally, customers view payment plans as a way of gaining trust. When that trust is earned, customers will become loyal and will even refer your business to their friends!

#4 – Customer Service

There are few things in the business world that are more frustrating than low-quality customer service. Tempers fly when customers feel they are being wronged in some way or another. When that happens, loyalty goes out the door. So, by offering quality, caring customer service to your customers, you will earn their trust and satisfaction in even the most precarious situations. Doing everything you can to help customers with orders, concerns, errors, etc. will go a long way in their eyes. Be patient, courteous, and kind. Now, will every customer service call end on a positive note? No. It is unrealistic to think they will. Sometimes, a relationship can’t be salvaged. But if you put forth your best effort to accommodate every customer in every interaction, your chances of gaining a loyal customer skyrocket!

#5 – Don’t Overuse Technology

We rely so heavily on technology these days that it’s difficult to know when to use it and when not to. When it comes to customer loyalty, sometimes a human-touch is needed. So, don’t rely on automated systems to deal with every single issue a customer has. Automated systems are okay to use outside of business hours, but during business hours, bypass the automated system and allow the customer to interact with a real person. Having that personal touch could make all the difference in the world with customers. Customers who aren’t tech savvy or have hearing/vision impairments will especially be thankful for live customer service instead of an automated system. Don’t miss out on potential loyal customers just because you want an automated system to do your customer service job for you!

#6 – Head Starts

When you launch a rewards program, you will typically advertise it through marketing emails, ads, social media posts, etc. The beginning of a rewards program is the perfect time to cultivate loyal customers. Offering a head start on points for your new rewards program will motivate customers to begin the program and stick around to complete it. For instance, you can offer customers bonus points when they complete their first purchase after registering in your rewards program. Those bonus points will then go towards discounts, free products, or whatever your program specifies for points redemption. Yay for a head start!

#7 – Smile

When your business is one that constantly interacts with customers face-to-face, you want to make a good impression. Believe it or not, the best and most simple way to make that good impression is to smile! If you own a business that sells sports memorabilia, but you don’t smile at any point during the day, the chances of gaining repeat (loyal) customers drops to rock bottom. People need to be reassured that they are welcome in your business and that they are encouraged to come back. So, put a smile on your face and welcome your customers with open arms!

#8 – Reasons to Be Loyal

Offer products and services that customers will want and will love. When a product performs exceptionally well for a customer, odds are that customer will come back to purchase it again. Skipping corners on quality just to save you a few bucks isn’t the way to go and will ultimately drive customers away. Put forth the time, money, and effort to bring products to the table that your customers will quote as their reason for being loyal to your business.

Why Customer Loyalty is important?

Loyalty is a prize in the eyes of business owners. When your customers are loyal, your business soars. Earning and building customer loyalty is at the heart of every company’s success. When you consider and implement these 8 ways to earn and build customer loyalty, you are well on your way to an endless amount of repeat, loyal customers. 

Why Gomeeki?

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