How to Develop a Branded Real Estate Agent App?

You might ask, “Why a mobile app for real estate?” and your question would be in order, as it is one that we have been asked on numerous occasions over the years by our clients. First of all, take the wide reach of the constantly evolving mobile market. There are at least a hundred and twenty million smartphone users in the USA alone and research has shown over 50% of web searches are carried out with mobile devices.

Going even deeper into this research, it has been revealed that the majority of tablet users are people that earn medium to high income – the perfect target market for a real estate business. Finally, it is a well-researched and known fact that people spend a significantly higher amount of time on their mobile apps than on any other web services combined. Still, have doubts? Let us examine more closely seven reasons. How a real estate app will fuel the next stage of growth:

#1 Branded Real Estate Agent App

If you choose to develop a mobile app, we could design you one with an interface that streamlines a complete virtual user experience. Basically, you get more control over the content you provide to your clients and you can sell property easily. They don’t even have to leave the comfort of their homes to access the information, and they can immerse themselves completely in your app and gain a better understanding of what value your business offers. They can do a quick property search, all without taking a step outside their home. All these value-add services build confidence within the buyer about their purchasing decisions.

#2 Reach of Real Estate App

A real estate app not only readily provides information about available and saved properties to your clients, but it can notify them in real time about any special deals that your business is currently offering – something that may otherwise be hard to do without the option of push notifications available in mobile apps. Now, imagine linking your real estate app with your social media accounts – the reach that you could get could well be a game changer for your business.

#3 Get Started 

Each new day, the world evolves a little bit more than the previous, and this constant evolution includes technological advancement that only continues to gain in pace. Smartphone users increase globally every day, and as a result, mobile app users do too. It really is only a matter of time before your competition adopts the use of the real estate app for their business, and you will lose business if your brand is viewed as archaic or “behind the times”. Moral of the story. There’s no time for inaction, seize the day!

#4 App for Real Estate Agents

An app for agents offers greater convenience that can aid the sales process and make the property search experience easier.  There are a good number of mobile apps for real estate that functions even in the absence of connectivity or a strong internet connection. This provides a good opportunity for your prospects in regional areas, when out and about or even from other countries that may have connectivity issues to browse your content without stress. Additionally, even your local prospects and sales staff will find it easy to browse through available properties at their convenience anywhere and anytime, without the need to worry about bandwidth or roaming issues.

#5  Convenience

The amount of time that prospective customers spend on the road, searching for that perfect property, can be cut to the barest minimum with a mobile app, maximizing effectiveness. Obviously, a buyer or seller would rather engage with a real estate business that provides all the information they need at the click of a button than one that has them driving all over the place, only to be disappointed with the options they eventually get.

#6 Reach

A mobile app for real estate agents will also help you to connect with foreign clients, even if your business does not have a branch in their area, or you do not have any sales staff working there. They can still access information about what you offer easily, and the simple addition of location tracking within the app will make it easy for them to find the branch of your business that is closest to them, should they decide to have a physical meeting.

#7  Why to Invest in Real Estate App Development?

As a real estate professional, you should understand the importance of making yourself available for the needs and requests of your clients or potential clients they can easily hear from you via mobile app. Customer service is important in any business and real estate is not an exception. A mobile app developed for any business, by default would usually come with integrated customer service support so that your clients can easily reach out to you for any information that for any reason, the app is unable to provide for them

How can we help?

At Gomeeki, we have an extremely effective team of developers that can develop an app that will shoot your real estate business to the next level. Gomeeki has extensive experience in cross-platform app development for this niche and you can get your own customized mobile app for real estate within a short time of making a request. Simply reach out to us and let us know what you need.


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