Healthcare Technology Trends 

It really is amazing how quickly technology has evolved over the past few years, isn’t it? This evolving tech has also revolutionized healthcare management – IT budgets for the medical sector have also shot up over the past few years – and as a person in the healthcare field, you need to stay on top of these developments. You need to know which software or tech trends are currently dominating the medical field and how the software works and its application to various situations.

Healthcare technology trends

# Tech Trend  – 1

Patient Scheduling Software (PSS)

This scheduling tool optimizes patient management. Hospitals and other medical facilities are given an easy way out for arranging appointments, communicating with patients and generally keeping track of tasks ahead of them. PSS, unlike other software, deals with centralized information and users are provided with quick access to valuable information all in one place. The software automates the scheduling of appointments, sending reminders to patients via text messaging or email and keeping records of these appointments and the bills attached to them.

A growing trend in the medical sector is the option of booking appointments online. Statistics show that up to seventeen percent of patients booked appointments with their doctor through the web or via a mobile app in the past one year, while another 42 percent admitted that they would have done the same if they had the opportunity to. Moreover, it has been confirmed that by the end of the year 2019, 66 percent of health systems in the United States will provide the option of online self-scheduling for patients. Watch this space!

Patient Scheduling is something that can easily be done with the aid of a mobile app. Although there are other platforms where PSS can be used, the most advisable option would be the use of a mobile app considering the fact that a large percentage of people use smartphones. All that would be required of them is to install the app on their phone, test it to get familiar with the controls, and voila!

# Tech Trend  – 2

Scheduling appointments do not get easier

Related to the PSS is the use of mobile app by health insurance companies and their customers. It is related to PSS because it functions in a similar way, with customers of health insurance companies performing the task such as submitting claims and booking appointments.

# Healthcare Tech Trend – 3

Heart Attack-Detecting Smartwatches

Smartphones are now built with sensors that can be taken advantage of by mobile fitness apps. These sensors can be used to monitor a range of a health information, especially the heart rate and all a user needs to do to get this information is to download a mobile app with these functions. Some of these apps even go beyond merely providing information, they caution the user when any part of the health information provided seems abnormal, easily helping such a person to stay on top of potential health hazards.

Additionally, smartwatches have been developed in an attempt to prevent health-related conditions. These smartwatches are made up of tiny microsensors that function as a monitor for the user’s heart rate, helping the person to keep track of abnormal rates that may be symptoms of an impending heart attack or cardiac arrest.

These microsensors provide feedback on this information about the heart to the user and to 000 or 911 – in a case of an emergency. They also come with a built-in GPS for location tracking which can be extremely useful if emergency units are trying to locate the user in a situation where the person is not in a position to provide the information by themselves. We can expect a bunch of other similar smartwatches with possibly more functions in the coming year. Excited? We are!

# Healthcare Tech Trend – 4

Marketing Automation Software (MAS)

A great tool for medical administrators. Marketing automation software helps to automate practically any and every daily process carried out by the medical administrator. Processes ranging from data integration, patient outreach, patient monitoring among others that will contribute to improving healthcare management. MAS sources for data from different places and brings them all into one place. This allows the medical professionals to focus on sending targeted information to their patients.

MAS also provides these professionals with real-time analytics about their patients. The importance of this information cannot be overemphasized as it helps medical administrators to make decisions and solve problems quickly – and we all know how a split second could be the difference between life and death in the medical line. In the past year, the number of businesses that have adopted MAS has shot up to 49 percent and so, it is safe to expect that this growing trend will become a more popular option in the year 2018, as more healthcare facilities and hospitals will make efforts not to be left behind.


In the grand scheme of all these, it should be noted that mobile apps are also proving key in the technological advancements of the health sector. The number of people that own smartphones are increasing every day and it is safe to assume that marketers have realized this fact, meaning that we could be looking at a situation where mobile app marketing is one of the biggest deals of the year 2018. Healthcare institutes are also bound to key into these developments, as more of them are realizing the potential of the amount of growth and ease that mobile app functions can provide at their jobs – the technology trends mentioned above being prime examples.

There are a bunch of other growing technology trends in healthcare but PSS (especially through mobile apps),Smartwatches/Smartphones and MAS are three of the rapidly growing ones. Facilities have started to adopt these trends and we fully expect the number of people that jump on the bandwagon to increase to a large extent in the coming year.

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