Gomeeki Featured on Clutch as a Leading Mobile App Development Company

Clutch, a U.S.-based ratings and reviews platform, conducts ongoing research of IT service and development providers throughout the globe. Gomeeki recently joined Clutch’s platform to develop our marketing presence worldwide, and we’ve already experienced benefits of being included in their research.

With Clutch, we’ve been able to see where Gomeeki ranks amongst Mobile App Development and design firms similar to ours. Clutch evaluates companies for their industry expertise and their ability to deliver quality results for clients. Through looking at the services we offer, the client relationships we’ve developed, and case studies of projects we’ve completed, Clutch gave Gomeeki high scores across the board for our expertise in Mobile App Development and design.

This being said, our score on Clutch is most influenced by our client reviews. Clutch does things a bit differently than other reviews platforms by reaching out and speaking with our clients directly to gather an in-depth understanding of our partnerships with them. The phone interviews are then converted to written reviews that are published to our Clutch profile.

We’re incredibly excited about the positive feedback we’ve received so far:

Customer Testimonial

Throughout the years, the Gomeeki team has grown tremendously and we’re very proud that Clutch has distinguished as a strong provider for any and all mobile app development needs. We’d like to thank our clients for taking the time to speak with Clutch on our behalf and we look forward to continuing to develop those relationships – and create new ones – going into 2018.

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