How to Turn Your Mobile App Idea Into Reality

Do you have a fantastic app idea? Great! Apps are quickly growing into the first mode of contact for many consumers. They are easy, fun, and offer variety in design and use. So, what makes your app idea special or unique? If you can answer that question, keep reading. 

App Idea

Let’s explore how to bring your unique app ideas to life:

Step 1 – Risks

If you are under the impression that creating, launching, and maintaining an app is something you can do on the side as a hobby, you need to dig deeper into the process of app development. Quite frankly, an app won’t succeed if you just do it on the side and cut corners where possible. An app’s development is a business project. From funding to maintenance, apps require full-time commitment and attention. So, before you go any further, understand the risks that are involved in app development. Time, money, and emotion are all investments made in app development. 

Step 2 – Purpose

Now that you understand the risks, let’s talk about purpose. An app’s purpose can be as simple as providing maps or language translations while the user is traveling. So, what is your app’s purpose? Decide who your app will target and how to engage the users. Look at your competition as well. See what other apps that have the similar purpose as yours have in common, and what makes them different and successful. 

Step 3 – Plan

You now have a purpose for your app. Fantastic! Now, let’s get to planning. Map out how you want your app to look (even if you aren’t an artist!) and what features you would like to see on it. Weed out any unnecessary features that can be added sometime down the road and put them in a “wish list” pile. Once you have an idea of how the app should look and function, as well as what you want it to accomplish when being used, begin the hunt for an app development team.

Step 4 – Hire and Fund

You are finally at the hiring and funding phase! You will need to hire a developer who has great reviews from past clients, can show you successful past projects, and fits your timeline and budget needs. Costs of app development vary greatly from one situation to another. So, getting bids from a few different app developers, after you have shared your app idea, plans, and timeline, will help you budget. While app development isn’t cheap, it is well worth the money spent when you hire the right app developer for your project. 

Step 5 – Develop, Launch, and Maintain

Last step! You are now ready to hire a development team, launch your app, and maintain it. Your development team will give you pointers on advertising prior to launch and ways to keep users interested after the app launches. Also, listen to the suggestions from your app users since they are the ones interacting with your app daily. 

Why Gomeeki?

We love working with our clients and bringing their ideas to life. We will walk you through every step of the app development process and provide you with support, encouragement, and care along the way. The Gomeeki team is ready to hear from you and make your app dreams come true. 

Why not see what our customers are saying about us and how we approach your project:

“Smartphones and tablets are transforming how and where we consume news and information. The ABC must meet the challenge of delivering content to the audience at a time they want and on the device and format they prefer.”

Mark ScottManaging Director, ABC

The Broncos evaluated numerous Fan Engagement solutions over recent years and Gomeeki's passionate & experienced team, combined with their innovative FanTribe platform was the only solution that we believe will deliver a winning mobile experience for our fans.

Terry ReaderChief Commercial Officer, Brisbane Broncos NRL

“Health Partners selected Gomeeki on the basis that the services provided are far more than just an app development house. The relationship to date has delivered Health Partners the benefit of a much deeper insight into digital strategy, the power of Gomeeki’s Ubiquity platform and a disciplined, structured development process. As a customer, we have been delighted with the quality and outcomes to date.

Colin LangmeadCIO- Health Partners

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