5 Critical KPIs For Your App and How to Track Them

When you have spent countless amounts of time, energy, and money on an app, you want to be able to track and record its performance. Knowing how your app is performing is essential to its lifetime success. This is where KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) come into play. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 critical KPIs for your app and how to track them.

#1: User Enrollment

User enrollment is first on our list because, after all, your app goes nowhere without users. Encouraging user enrollment will build your client base and provide vital data (such as location, age, etc.) for your analytics software to measure your app’s effectiveness. Additionally, your user enrollment numbers will tell you what is “working” for your users. For example, if you release an update for your app that showcases a new feature and all of a sudden you get a surge in user enrollments, you will know that feature is definitely working for your users. Now, you are on the fast track to a profitable future! On the other hand, if you release a new feature and user enrollment decreases, you will know that your new feature isn’t appealing to your users and changes need to be made. Needless to say, keeping up with user enrollment numbers is an easy and effective way to measure your app’s success.

#2: Active Users – Daily and Monthly

Another critical KPI is the number of active users your app has on a daily and monthly basis. Just like user enrollment, the number of active users your app has will tell you what is working with your app and what isn’t. You can also monitor what times of the day and which days of the week your users are more active. For example, if your users are active in your app between the hours of 8pm and 10pm during the week, sending promotional notifications during those hours will guarantee reaching the greatest amount of users. For monthly users, you can track when they are likely to use your app and use those times to communicate with promotional material, policy changes, etc. as well.

#3: App Not Responding

You want your users to feel at ease when using your app. So, when your app freezes mid-swipe or gets “stuck” on a screen, it’s a big blow to your app’s enrollment, activity, and retention numbers. That is why app response time and functionality is a critical KPI. You will lose users if your app continues to not respond and your likelihood of receiving bad reviews in the app marketplace increases exponentially. Monitoring your app’s system with analytical software will help you find, fix, and sometimes even prevent response issues. Stay on top of your app’s technical “health” to ensure a smooth user experience.

#4: Crashed Sessions

While this KPI is similar to the previous, it deserves to be in a slot on its own because of its severity. Crashed sessions are characterized by the freezing and an “App has stopped working” screen (or something similar) popping up. Users are left with few choices, none of which are helpful to you or the user. Whether the users must abort the app in the settings on their phones or restart their phones, it is an annoyance. The process of aborting an app takes time and for the average user, time is of the essence. Although crashed sessions can be caused by a variety of things including bugs, compatibility issues, or coding errors, fixing the problem should be at the top of your monitoring team’s priority list. Once the problem is fixed, issue an update to your app quickly so that you won’t lose many users. Crashed sessions are probably the biggest “uh-oh” moments you may experience, so be diligent in your app monitoring to make sure your users are affected by them as little as possible (or not at all!).

#5: Retention Rate

If an app creator or manager ever tells you that retention rates don’t matter, that person is kidding himself. Retention is what makes your app last for decades to come. The retention rate for your app lets you know how many users are sticking it out and are likely to become life-long users and loyal customers. Therefore, it is a critical KPI that should be monitored daily, recorded daily, and then reported at least on a quarterly basis. Retention is the ultimate goal for an app developer. So, when you see your retention rates begin to rise, you know you are doing something right!

Why Gomeeki?

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