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Health insurance mobile solutions

Private Health Insurance is a competitive landscape – so why would you want your Members app and digital presence to look like everyone else’s?

Gomeeki understands the importance of delivering a differentiated experience that your members will love. Together we’ll develop a winning strategy, combining our experience with your industry know-how.


  • Enable a more robust and engaging experience with members.
  • Increase visibility of annual limits on cover and extras.
  • Simplify tasks such as submitting claims and booking appointments.
  • Drive net member growth and service fee income.
  • Unlock new revenue streams.

Health Insurance Solution Features

Mobile App’s

Member’s expectations from their health fund have shifted from a traditional insurance product to a Health Services experience.

Gomeeki’s Digital Solutions for Health Insurance enable positive and enjoyable engagement by harnessing Gomeeki’s flexible building blocks, tailored to cater for the modern member experience.

Native Mobile Applications


Responsive Web App


Social Integration


Database acquisition

Member Registration






Video Integration

Health Software Integration


Rewards & Loyalty


Polls & Surveys


Location Based Services

Mobile Cloud Platform

Ubiquity mobile cloud platform provides the actionable insights and capabilities required to monitor, engage and manage your customers in real-time, making it super easy and cost effective for entities of any size to monetise customers through their connected devices.

Interactive Experience Management


Behavioural Insights & Analysis


API, Data & System Integration

Member Profile Management


Real-time Reporting and Customer Intelligence


User & Admin Management

Customer Identity Management


Automated Marketing Campaigns


Rewards, Incentives and Gamification


Engaging Member Experiences

We understand the importance of providing members with differentiated experiences that reflect your brand values and strategic objectives.

We’ll provide you with easy to use tools to get the right content to the right member at the right time, and then to monitor its performance and make adjustments in real-time.

Data Collection, Management & Actionable Insights

We provide the capability to collect and securely manage sensitive personal member data.

Additionally, we enable you to collect and analyse a host of in-app behavioural data, such as the content your members are interested in, to enable better personalisation and targeting.

Lead Conversion & Revenue Growth

Our expert team of experience  app builders will design a solution inline with brand guidelines, but also with mobile first thinking at its core.

Create memorable digital moments at every touchpoint, through streamlined workflows and personalisation with sophisticated multi-screen products and automated marketing ‘baked’ into the customer journey.

“Health Partners selected Gomeeki on the basis that the services provided are far more than just an app development house. The relationship to date has delivered Health Partners the benefit of a much deeper insight into digital strategy, the power of Gomeeki’s Ubiquity platform and a disciplined, structured development process. As a customer, we have been delighted with the quality and outcomes to date.“

Colin Langmead – CIO- Health Partners

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Mobile Solutions Health Insurance Industry