SMS Marketing is an cost effective lead generation strategy which  allows your businesses to reach customers very quickly. You can add SMS lead generation campaigns to your customer’s marketing mix to boost sales and achieve immediate ROI. Text Messaging is a preferred communication channel for businesses and customers due to ease of use and results 


Effective communication

SMS is the preferred communication channel for many due to its ease and simplicity.

Valid mobile number

Ubiquity ‘Smart Messages’ ensures 100% of leads generated contain a valid mobile number.

Easy to setup

No integration required. Campaigns can be run independently of existing eCommerce, website or CRM systems, with leads fed back to stakeholders in real-time.



SMS lead generation campaigns can be used by Insurance providers to improve customer satisfaction and NPS and reduce churn while cost effectively acquiring new customers.


SMS Lead Generation helps retain customers for your physical or online store.

Marketing agencies

Add SMS lead generation campaigns to your customer’s marketing mix. Boost sales and achieve immediate ROI.

Start growing your business today

How it Works

SMS Marketing


Open Platform

Start growing sales today with no need to integrate into legacy and cumbersome business systems. Import CSV or Excel files and export captured leads to add back into master databases.

Brand Your Messages

Increase conversion rates by sending campaigns around the world from a branded Sender ID, wherever it is supported. Branded Sender ID’s increase recipient confidence and are therefore more likely to take action.

Advanced List Segmentation

Create master and sub group lead lists that allow you to later target large groups and subgroups within them.

Real-time Reporting

Track efforts and success in real-time with granular level reporting. See campaign deliverability, open rates, location, and more.

Advanced API Integration

Build complex applications on our text messaging platform. Access more data and statistics, automate marketing processes, signups, and more.

Use SMS Lead Generation To Grow Your Business