How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an App?

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are making a large purchase, like a car or house. You know it will be expensive, but you would probably like to know how much it will cost to upkeep that purchase after you buy it, right? Of course, you would! You are a smart buyer and you like to budget all costs that stem from large purchases. Well, being in the app business is no different. From that first light bulb that comes on when an app idea is born all the way to maintaining the app for decades to come, you are going to invest time, effort, and money. So, before you really dive into the app development process, you may want to have an idea of how much your app will cost to maintain. After all, having a realistic budget, from start to finish, is a key component to your app’s success. Let’s take a look at what maintaining an app means and how much it costs.

What maintenance does an app need?

When your app finally launches and is a huge success, you may be tempted to just pat yourself on the back, walk away, and “let it be.” If you give in to that temptation, you are dooming your app to a dismal future. Maintaining your app will keep users engaged, prevent high uninstall rates, and encourage new downloads. Here are just a few ways an app needs to be maintained over time:

New Content – As your app gets more and more downloads, you will begin getting feedback from your users. This feedback can be received through a suggestion tab in your app, or something similar. Taking feedback and adding new content to please your users is one of the most important parts of app maintenance. Keep improving your app based on what is or isn’t working for your users.

Marketing Marketing your app before its launch is a given. However, as you develop new content or features, you will want to let your users know. So, it’s important to continue marketing your app with ads, social media posts, updates and links posted on your full website, etc. In addition to advertising new features and content to existing users, you will need to continually draw in new users. Include marketing of your app in its standard maintenance plane to ensure your app is downloaded by new users for years to come!

Bug Fixes – When you manage an app, you will more than likely begin receiving notices (at some point or another) from either your analytics software or actual users about a bug in your app. Bugs are pesky little hiccups for all app developers and managers, but are usually easily fixed. Fixing the bugs should be completed promptly. You certainly don’t want to leave your customers frustrated when your app freezes due to a bug. Being on top of technical issues will ensure your users’ happiness and will improve your overall ratings in the app market.

Platform and App Updates – It seems like, at times, Android and iOS systems are sending out new platform versions as frequently as once a month. This is frustrating to you and your users because keeping up with the changes and downloading the new platform versions are time-consuming. However, it becomes a nightmare for app users if they find your app isn’t compatible with the new version of their devices’ platforms. Staying informed of platform version release dates and the compatibility of your app to those new versions are crucial to keeping your app relevant. Then, when needed, release and update for your app. App updates are the culmination of all the components of app maintenance previously listed. With regular updates you can incorporate new content, marketing, bug fixes/repairs, and new platform versions. Updates are rolled out to give your users the best experience possible, which will in turn keep your app’s success at its best for years to come!

Like any other cost estimator, the cost of app maintenance is difficult to pinpoint. App maintenance costs are totally dependent upon the type of app you have, what it cost to develop, the complexity of the app’s features, etc. Before developing your app, work with your development team on a maintenance estimate so that you will know what to expect after your app has launched.

Why Gomeeki?

Now, although the cost of your app’s maintenance may be more than you expected, it is a necessity (if you want your app to be a long-running success). Luckily, Gomeeki offers fantastic rates for app development and maintenance! Plus, if you have your app developed and maintained by Gomeeki, you will receive a seamless transition from development to launch to maintenance. Gomeeki is one of those few firms that can offer you superb service from Point A (app development) to Point B (app maintenance).

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our process. We will also be happy to share with you our success stories – apps we have developed and maintained that are going strong on the app market. Contact us today and we’ll guide you all the way to the peak of your app’s success!


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