AIMIA Awards 2014 “Winner ABC Flagship News App”

Gomeeki has just taken out the winners place for ‘Best of Smartphone’ in this year’s prestigious AIMIA Awards for its mobile app development work with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on their flagship News apps.

AIMIA is the Digital Industry Association for Australia and the AIMIA Awards celebrate the best digital content from Australia’s top digital power houses, application companies and major industry suppliers.

Having worked with Gomeeki since 2009, to build their original flagship news products for mobile, the ABC called on Gomeeki again in 2012 to provide API and iOS front end expertise for the relaunch of its flagship mobile apps.

The challenge was gladly accepted with the following overarching goals in mind:

  1. Simplicity: all the content, none of the hurdles
  2. Serendipity: promoting content discovery beyond focus
  3. Consistency within context: keeping the ABC experience consistent while adapting to the different user flows on iOS and Android
  4. Content by genre: everything about my topic of interest in one place (TV, Radio, Online)
 The apps now have a stronger focus on News, presenting content from across the ABC (Radio, TV, Online) by genre. Since relaunch, all three are now ranked #1 free NEWS app in the App Store and Google Play, receiving rave reviews from users:

As always, the ABC sets the benchmark. Excellent!!! by Big red 999, v 3.0.1, Australia

The results speak for themselves. In only 4 months since the March 2013 launch, the number of monthly active users had doubled and new installs (reach) have increased by eight fold, confirming the ABC’s success and leadership in the mobile space.

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