Receive more payments, more often.


The mobile solution makes collecting payments easy by reducing friction from the payment process.

Send bills and reminders to your customers and allow them to pay directly from their mobile device.


  • 24/7 access to the secure payment channel.
  • Customers are prompted to self-cure, rather than tying up valuable resources via phone.
  • Improved email address data via receipt requests.
  • Provides a new opportunity to invite customers on to direct debit.
  • Reduces opportunity for human error via process automation.

Solution Features 


Designed to make the process of debt collection easier and more efficient.

Since launching in 2018, Glider has quietly collected more than $50m in overdue payments at a fraction of the cost of phone, letter, or IVR contact.

Branded Mobile Site


Fully PCI Compliant

Secure Payments



Smart Messages


Behavioural Insights

Digital Engagement Platform

Ubiquity is Gomeeki’s advanced engagement management platform.

Ubiquity provides the real-time actionable insights and capabilities required to monitor, engage and manage your customers in real-time.

Interactive Experience Mngmt.


Behavioural Insights

Customer Identity Management


Real-time Reporting Intelligence

Payment Gateway Integration


Automated Marketing

How it works

Customers receive a reminder message containing a link to your branded payments site.

The elegant payments site allows customers to review their details for complete assurance.

Flexible payment options to support partial or full payments. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, EFT and PayPal.

The seamless look builds trust with your customers and encourages prompt payment.


Analytics Engine

Decision Making

Comprehensive, real-time reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights to assist decision-making.

Drill Down

Drill down to observe channel effectiveness by demographic and by time of day.


Track user behaviour data and channel delivery info.

Payments Processed


Total Visits


Conversion Rate


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